The Power of Words











Somewhere, in a small room in a house in Florida, a family is gathered. Eyes welling up with disbelief and hearts aching, they are trying to make sense of what happened–trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and start the grieving process for their lost loved ones. They are not alone–there are other families who will never again see their son or daughter or friend, never again hear their laughter, never grow old with them. Across the world, many have grieved for them and with them–we share their losses in our hearts.

Others in the world choose sides; they judge and condemn without knowing all the facts. Hate-filled words are thrown out with carelessness and malicious intent, and the darkness grows. People cease to be people–they are put in categories, tagged with guilt, and we open fire. Sometimes we forget the power of our words–forget that we ourselves can do as much damage as an assault weapon. Hatred and intolerance fired the gun into the crowd at the Pulse bar in Florida, and the damages continue to expand.

There has been research done on the effect that thoughts and words have on water and snowflakes. Words and extreme emotions carry energy vibrations that have the power to change the composition of molecules and the energy around us. Our energy affects the people we come in contact with, and in turn they affect others, good or bad. We get to choose what we put out there to grow, and we need to understand that it is not only a choice for ourselves but a choice we are making for the future of our children.






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